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Work: Creative Lead / Graphic Design

Project: Brand Awareness


Industry: Hosting



WebPros is a leading provider of platforms and solutions for the web management and hosting industries. From control panels to plugins and platforms: WebPros has the solutions to run, secure, and scale online business.

WebPros 3D.png



Establishing a cohesive brand identity across online and offline platforms, delivered visually compelling results, significantly elevating brand consistency and enhancing brand awareness. This milestone solidifies WebPros' leading reputation in the industry, marking a significant achievement in marketing journey


Designed for events and partners, merchandise and printed marketing materials serve as tangible representations of brand values and identity, leaving a lasting impression with its playful approach, and solidifying WebPros' position as a trusted industry leader.

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WebPros sticker sheet Athens.png
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WebPros polo.png
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Booth Design

CloudFest 2024 - 3D renders

Each year, WebPros sponsors largest industry events like CloudFest and WordCamps, using booth as the main stage to showcase products and boost brand awareness, kicking off with planning and 3D mockups to ensure a memorable presence and successful outcome.

Trade Shows

Events stand as significant investments, where brand and products take center stage; it's here that merchandise and booth design come alive, achieving the goal of raising awareness and fostering successful interactions with partners and users.

WebPros CloudFest 2024 Video Recap

WebPros Trade Show Video Recaps 2023:

WordCamp Europe 2023
WordCamp Asia 2023

CloudFest 2023

Video Credits

Social Media

WebPros utilise social media to boost awareness for events and product launches, complemented by thoughtfully designed visuals. This strategic approach ensures audience remains engaged and excited about latest developments.