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Work: Creative Lead / Post Production

Project: Product Video Promo Campaign




Sitejet is an all-in-one professional solution for agencies that build websites for others. It combines a professional no-code/low-code website builder with a self-service customer portal and project management tools. Ideal for hosters seeking an easy-to-use, the all-in-one solution is ready for agencies interested in streamlining their website creation and management processes.

Sitejet Dashboard_edited.png



The project's central aim was to grow Sitejet's branding and effectively engage the intended audience. Through a compelling promotional video spotlighting Sitejet's unique features and a comprehensive tutorial series tailored to user needs, the initiative aimed to create a seamless connection. The outcome successfully amplifies brand presence and establishes meaningful engagement with the target audience.

Product Tutorials

SITEJET logo.png
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