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MirrorMirror Magazine

Work: Photography + Video
For: Print & Online

Credits: Creative Direction, MakeUp & Hair: Kristiana Zaula

Model: Bayana | Agency: FifthModels



Main inspiration was the imagery that is projected on a surface with a projector. It is fascinating the way that it visually distorts the subject, often merging shapes and colors on to the model's face, body and clothing. There is a slight connection between these looks to Japanese manga and anime aesthetic as well, especially some of them have a hint of futuristic cyberpunk visuals.



Often we have seen fashion or art concepts using projectors as a medium of expression. But we had never seen actual make-up 'merging' with the projector imagery. We based our concept with keywords like 'shapeshifting' , 'chameleon' , 'blend in to stand out' 

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